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Crystalynn Hazlett

Crystalynn joined the Gloucester County Animal Hospital team in October of 2022. Crystalynn received her Certificate as a Veterinary Assistant in February of 2023. Crystalynn has always had a passion working with and helping all animals. She has a special soft spot for French Bulldogs. In her free time she enjoys making crafts and spending Quality time with her Husband Chris and her Daughter Lily, while relaxing at home with her Kitty Mickey.

Sara new


Sara Kennedy

Sara’s love of animals and her career choice in the veterinary field came to no surprise to family and friends. She joined the family at Gloucester County Animal Hospital in 2008.  Sara and her husband Rich share their home with Toby, their Australian shepherd and a thoroughbred paint mare, Patience.  Sara received her Associates Degree in Veterinary Technology at Camden County College in 2008.


Devon Janowski

Don’t let her size fool you! Weighing less than a saint bernard, the tiny but mighty tatted up tech, Devon, can hold her own against an anxious mastiff or a spicy kitty. Devon showed interest in vet-med at a young age, as her family found themselves rescuing exotic critters, such as turtles, sugar gliders, and an owl! She got her first pet-care position at a vaccine clinic in the summer of 2021 where she was introduced to Shea, Sidney, and Tori. Thanks to them, Devon was able to start her dream job at Gloucester County Animal Hospital in November 2022.
    Devon has adopted 4 wonderful cats – Deethra, Harley, Nigel, and Reuben – a goofy golden retriever named Sampson, and a super snuggly ball python named Ssseverus Sssnape.


Stephanie Kircher

While working at the University of Pennsylvania Department of Medicine, Stephanie devoted her time to cat rescue.  Her career shifted to veterinary medicine when she joined the family at Gloucester County Animal Hospital in 2012.

She shares her home with 4 cats, Lola, Binx, Forrest and Tipsy and her rabbit, Roo.

Lafferty new


Debby Lafferty

Debby joined our GCAH family in 2011. She works at the front desk and will welcome you with a smile when you walk through our door. Debby’s love and compassion for animals began as a young girl when her father would bring home birds and animals that were stray, homeless or injured. She watched as her father nursed the injured (wild) birds and animals back to health and release them. This quickly became a ‘contagious habit’ that she and her siblings would enthusiastically continue, so they had some very strange ‘pets’ as she was growing up, such as a crow, pigeons, chipmunks and even a rooster that she caught in the woods!

During the day, when she is not with us here at GCAH, Debby is a preschool teacher. She considers herself very blessed to be able to work with the two things she loves most in the world- children and animals.

Erin Lafferty

Erin started her veterinary medicine career at GCAH in 2020. From reception to teching to assisting in surgery, Erin’s favorite part of her job is learning and mastering new skills to help care for the well-being of animals. Although Erin appreciates all animals, she has a special place in her heart for dachshunds and orange tabby cats. Outside of the hospital, you’ll most likely find Erin memorizing every lyric off of whatever Taylor Swift’s most recent album is.
Erin lives at home with her three cats (Bailey, Crowley, & Tucker), her two dogs (Charlie & Annie), and her two guinea pigs (Maggie & Maisy).


Shea Littleton

Most likely to sport Slytherin green, you’ll find Shea around GCAH showing off her strength by carrying your 100lb GSD. Shea’s love of animals started when she was young, always surrounded by multiple pets of her own. When she pursued her career with animals, it came as no surprise that the wanna-be vet jumped into the medical field as soon as possible. Now she is more than content to love on every cat and dog that enters the hospital’s doors.
Shea joined the GCAH team in 2021, shortly bringing Tori, Sidney and Devon along with her.


Tori Powell

Also known as Small Sidney, Tori is most likely to cuddle up to large cats and small dogs, patiently supporting your shy fur babies into being best friends. Tori switched up an education in Culinary Arts for Vet Med 5 years ago, and found there is nowhere they would rather be, supporting every patient that comes through the doors with open arms.  Tori found their dream hospital in GCAH in 2021, and plans to continue growing and learning for a long time to come.


Sidney Pollman

Growing up, Sidney always knew she wanted to work with animals, and in 2018, she finally took a step in the direction of her dreams. She moved all the way from a tiny town in southwest Texas called Leakey and ended up in Philadelphia, working at a vaccine clinic. Sidney soon realized she wanted something more fulfilling from the vet med field and joined the GCAH family in 2021. When she’s not at home annoying her cat, you can usually find her with a book in her hands or with netflix on the TV while sipping a very large coffee.


ruth newRuth Rizzuto

Ruth moved to South Jersey from New York to begin a career teaching Special Education. Over the years, her interest migrated into veterinary medicine where she worked part time and during her summer breaks. Ruth joined the family at Gloucester County Animal Hospital in 2004 and worked alongside the technicians and assistants.  Ruth also assists Dr. Trail in the office with billing.  She lives with her cats Oliver and Maisie.


 George newGeorge Wiest

George started working with animals as a daycare provider at Doggie World Daycare in his hometown of Philadelphia. From there he worked at the Mathew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania as a veterinary assistant. George joined the family at Gloucester County Animal Hospital in 2009 assisting the technicians

George’s interests include fishing, exercising, playing hockey, and spending time outdoors whenever possible.  He is owned by 2 crazy Jack Russell Terriers:  Trouble and Tonka and his cat, Little Blue !





Following CDC guidelines, masks are no longer required when entering the hospital, if you are fully vaccinated. 

It is no longer necessary to call when you arrive for your scheduled appointment, or to pick up medication and food. Our doors are open!

Appointments and staff are very limited. We are doing our very best during these difficult times. We appreciate our clients’ support and understanding. We will get through this together.


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What They’re Barking About

“I hope that all of you realize the value that you bring to pet and animal owners. To be good in veterinary care is one thing but to sincerely care about each animal and their owners is priceless.  I cannot thank you enough.”