Coronavirus Accommodations

Our office hours will remain the same and we are open to provide you and your pets with services during this difficult time, however our doors will be locked to diminish traffic in and out of the hospital.

Please note the following changes being made to keep everyone safe during this difficult time:

Please call when you arrive in the parking lot. A technician will come to your car.

Sick/emergency visits: A technician will come to your car, ask the reason for your visit, take your cell phone number, credit card/check and bring your pet into the hospital (all cats MUST be in a carrier, dogs on a leash).  The doctor will examine your pet and call if he/she has questions. 

Picking up medication/food: We ask that you call and pay ahead. When you arrive, call us and we will bring your product to your car.

As of, 3/18/20 we will be postponing scheduling wellness exams and vaccines until May. The one exception to scheduling wellness visits is if your puppy or kitten is in the middle of receiving their series of vaccines. 

If you need to make arrangements to say goodbye to your beloved pet, call the office and we will make accommodations.

Dr. Trail and the staff appreciate your patience and understanding during this stressful time.  We will keep you updated if there are any changes in the way we must conduct business due to the coronavirus pandemic.



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What They’re Barking About

“I hope that all of you realize the value that you bring to pet and animal owners. To be good in veterinary care is one thing but to sincerely care about each animal and their owners is priceless.  I cannot thank you enough.”