Gloucester County Animal Hospital provides excellence in medicine, surgery, diagnostics and treatment. Services include digital radiography, dentistry and ultrasonography. Just added to our growing list of diagnostic instruments is a hand-held scope to visualize your pet’s inner ear, oral cavity and nasal passages. The results can be displayed on the computer screen in the exam room for you to see!

Dr. Trail performs on-site ultrasounds. These results can be interpreted by a board certified radiologist whenever necessary, continuing to provide you and your pet with the best care possible.

Our surgery suite is equipped with electrocautery, suction, high-powered lighting, surgical instruments, an anesthesia machine and monitoring equipment to optimize your pet’s surgery. Our trained technicians diligently record your pet’s heart rate and blood pressure, oxygen saturation, body temperature and end-tidal CO2 throughout the entire surgery. We feel that it is of utmost importance that our certified nurse anesthetist performs local blocks and epidurals as pain management. We make it our priority to keep your pet comfortable before, during and after each and every surgical procedure.

We truly care about your pet and want to provide the best care possible. As we continue to improve our technology, we strive to keep costs sensible.  We understand the economy is less than favorable.


Coronavirus Accommodations

Hello everyone! For your and the staff’s safety, GCAH is continuing our curbside services through the ENTIRE month of July. We ask that you continue working with us on the following:
STAYING in your car and calling us to let us know you are here! (856) 582 2127. Our phone lines are still very busy and we are currently working on getting another line (being installed this week!!). If you call and the line is busy, please wait and try again.

HAVE to walk your pet? Please do so  in the designated gated area next to the parking lot. All of our landscaping is new and trying to grow.

WEARING a mask is a requirement. Please make sure your mask is ON when we come to your vehicle to gather your pet(s) or give you your pet’s medication/food.

Our staff is still working HARD to provide services during this time. The schedule and staff are limited. Your patience and continued support are appreciated.




Open 6 Days a Week 

Mon   9am 7:30pm
Tue   9am 7:30pm
Wed   9am 7:30pm
Thur   9am 7:30pm
Fri   9am 7:30pm
Sat   9am 5:30pm
Sun closed    


What They’re Barking About

“I hope that all of you realize the value that you bring to pet and animal owners. To be good in veterinary care is one thing but to sincerely care about each animal and their owners is priceless.  I cannot thank you enough.”